Enjoy sea of Rausu, where various types of animals are visiting in two seasons both summer and winter.

There are many activities to enjoy attraction of Rausu, such as mountains, sea, and fishery industry. Experienced guide will take you to trekking, hiking, scuba diving, and tours of fisheries and fishery industry. Let’s get experienced “Shiretoko Rausu” with using full of your body.


The first cruise ship in Rausu.

TEL 0153-87-4477
FAX 0153-85-7977
ADDRESS Waiting office at Rausu port, Fujimi, Rausu town, Menashi
CAPACITY 67 people


Captain who used to be a fisherman and dedicated guides will explain you about sea animals. English available.

TEL 0153-87-4001
FAX 0153-87-4002
ADDRESS 27-1, Honcho, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL captain.h4001@gmail.com
CAPACITY 50 people(Ever Green) 80 people(Ever Green38)

Sightseeing cruise HAMANASU

We keep in mind cruising gently to animals in the sea. English available.

TEL 0153-87-3830
FAX 0153-85-7810(Feb-Sep) 0153-87-3665(Oct-Jan)
ADDRESS 372-1, Honcho, Rausu town, Menashi
CAPACITY 60 people


We have offices in Rausu and Utoro. English available.

TEL 0153-85-7575
FAX 0153-85-7576
ADDRESS 30-2, Honcho, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL kct.whale@gmail.com
CAPACITY 30-60 people


Thrilling cruising with feeling water splash. The captain has been working as a fisher for 40 years, so ask anything about fishing in Rausu.

TEL 0153-88-2026090-7655-2124
FAX 0153-88-2112
ADDRESS 21, Matsunori, Rausu town, Menashi
CAPACITY 12 people


Enjoy beautiful landscape, cruising with few people in a great nature of Shiretoko Rausu.

TEL 080-8299-6354
ADDRESS 31-1, Kyoei, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL cruiseohwashi@gmail.com
CAPACITY 12 people


Thrilling tour around The Shiretoko Cape on a small boat.

TEL 0153-85-7337
FAX 0153-85-7338
ADDRESS 107-5, Fujimi, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL chosan729.10423.163@docomo.ne.jp
CAPACITY 12 people

Shiretoko Cruise HIDETOMARU

Enjoy wild animals and great landscape of Shiretoko in close distance from a small boat.

TEL 0153-87-3779
FAX 0153-87-3779
ADDRESS 324-1, Rebun, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL turiwa-hidetomaru@wing.ocn.ne.jp
CAPACITY 24 people

Shiretoko Rausu LINCLE

We will show you great nature of Shiretoko with a small boat.

TEL 090-807-1533
FAX 0153-88-2858
ADDRESS 12-3, Chisho, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL v.v11270128@softbank.ne.jp
CAPACITY 9 people

Shiretoko Cruise SOUL

You can enjoy beautiful views of the Shiretoko peninsula and daily life of wild animals from a small boat safely.

TEL 090-7644-7756
ADDRESS 169-6, Rebun, Rausu town, Menashi
MAIL umizaru74.sin.ov30@icloud.com
CAPACITY 7 people