sightseeing spots


Mt. Rausu
  • stands 1.661 meters high.
  • The highest mountain of Shiretoko range.
  • Selected Top 100 mountains in Japan.
  • A lot of people visit Rausu to climb this beautiful mountain.
  • You can see it from a center of town as well.

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Lake Rausu
  • The biggest lake in Shiretoko peninsula.
  • Length around the lake is about 6 km.
  • There are 5 ponds around the lake.
  • You can see plants which is seen in both alpine and moor, it’s so rare experience.
  • Better going with professional guide because snow will remain until June.

※There is no car park.
※The first lake is unavailable right now.

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Kumagoe water falls
  • It’s located on the way to The Shiretoko pass.
  • The meaning of the name is “Bear crossing a waterfall”. It named after the story down below.
    “A long time ago, a mother bear and child bear chased by a hunter, mother tried child to cross a waterfall to make him escape, a hunter saw it and stopped shooting.”

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Mt, Eirei
  • stands 521 meters high.
  • Entrance is in close to the town.
  • Easy to clime compared to other mountains of Shiretoko range.
  • Trekking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.
  • You can see Shiretoko mountain range and Kunashiri island from top of the mountain.

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Rausu Hot spring Garden Promenade
  • A promenade course from parking lot in front of Rausu Daiichi Hotel to Kumanoyu hot springs.
  • About 90 min, 2 km for go and back.
  • There is steep stairs and slopes.
  • You might see Great spotted woodpecker and Brown dipper, also salmons are trying running up the Rausu River.
  • Closed in the winter.

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Boukyo forest・Tatni trail
  • Healing in the forest course : 1.5 hours, 3 km.
  • Learning in the forest course : 2 hours, 5.2 km.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Hot springs

Kumanoyu hot spring
  • Located along the Rausu river in the forest.
  • Popular for fisherman and tourist thank to great quality of hot water and its high temperature.
  • No day off.
  • Cleaning time from 5am to 7am.
  • There is changing room.
  • Separate bathroom by gender.
  • No swimsuit allowed.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Aidomari hot spring
  • Easternmost hot spring in Japan.
  • Working day / From middle of May to middle of September
  • Working hours / Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Setting separate bathroom and changing room by gender from July to September.
  • No swim suit allowed while bathroom is separated.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Seseki hot spring
  • Before go into the hot spring, Please ask fisherman who is managed the hot spring.
  • Working day / From beginning of July to middle of September.
  • Working hours / 2 hours later from low tide.
  • There is no changing room.
  • Swim suit allowed.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Foot bath Rausu
  • Located in behind The Michinoeki Shiretoko Rausu.
  • Using natural hot spring water.
  • Working day / From June to September
  • Working hours / 9 am to 5 pm

※Closed now

TEL:0153-87-3360 (Rausu Rausu Tourism Association)


Shiretoko pass
  • Located on the Route 334, connecting between Rausu and Utoro.
  • Altitude about 740m.
  • You can see beautiful views through the season.
  • Closed from November to end of April.

TEL:0153-87-4560 (Hokkaido Development Bureau Nakashibetu Road Office)

Rausu Kunashiri Observation Tower
  • The best spot to observe Rausu town.
  • You can see Kunashiri island and Mt. Rausu.
  • Able to learn about history.


Whale View Park
  • Beautiful views of Rausu port and Nemuro strait.
  • Might be able to see whales and killer whales.
  • Closed in the winter
  • Unable going by bus.

TEL:0153-87-3758 (Shiretoko Kujira no kai)

Minehama parking
  • Beautiful views of Shiretoko mountain range and Kunashiri island.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Shiokaze Park
  • A small park near the downtown.
  • Memorial park of movie which shooting in Rausu town.

TEL:0153-87-3360 (Rausu Rausu Tourism Association)

Northern territories Kunashiri island
  • The length is 123 km and the size is 1490 square kilometers vast island.
  • Distance between Kunashiri island and Rausu is about 25 km.

TEL:0153-87-4560 (Rausu Kunashiri Observation Tower)

Famous places

Bear’s rock
  • Its height is about 20 meter and located on the Road 87.
  • The name of this rock is “Kumaiwa” in Japanese, it means Bear’s rock. It’s named by this shape which looks like a standing bear when you see from a boat.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Tengu rock
  • Located on the Road 87.
  • It shapes looks like a nose of Tengu which is imaginary goblin in Japan.
  • Nature environment such as strong wind and waves made this artistic shape.

TEL: 0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

Seseki waterfall
  • Located on the Road 87.
  • The name “Seseki” means hot springs in Ainu language.
  • You can see dynamic falls in spring, with lots of water ,Its freezes in the winter.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)

  • Located in the back of Shirtoko Rausu visitor center.
  • There is not so many Geyser in Japan and Its lifetime is short, so it’s rare.

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Jodai temple
  • It has built on 1895 and it has great history and tradition.
  • You can see beautiful cherry blossom here from end of May, it is the most late time to see it in Japan.
  • Sort of Cherry blossom is “Ezoyama Sakura”.

TEL:0153-87-2020 (Jodai temple)

Rausu shrine
  • It has built in between 1854 to 1859 and it is the only shrine in Rausu.
  • They held a festival in July.

TEL:0153-87-2225 (Rausu shrine)

Location spot of drama series “Kita no kuni kara”.
  • One of the story of famous drama series “Kita no kuni kara” has shoot in Rausu.
  • Fans of the series still visit location spots which is 15 places in Rausu.

TEL:0153-87-5151 (Michinoeki Shiretoko Rausu)


Michinoeki Shiretoko Rausu
  • Located on the Road 335 along the Nemuro strait.
  • You can get all of information about Rausu at tourist information center on the first floor.
  • There is rest area on the second floor and observatory on the rooftop.
  • You can get souvenirs and fresh sea foods at the store next to the Michinoeki.

TEL:0153-87-5151(Michinoeki Shiretoko Rausu)

Shiretoko Rausu visitor center
  • Located in the forest as an entrance of the Shiretoko National Park.
  • You can get information about nature and animals and culture of Rausu, also can take a lecture for trekking.
  • Entrance fee / free
  • Day off / Every Monday and New year holidays (No day off during the summer season ※ASK)
  • WEB

TEL:0153-87-2828 (Shiretoko Rausu visitor center)

Rusa Field House
  • You can learn about wildlife both in the sea and mountains of Shiretoko, also coexistence between human and sea.
  • You can get info and lecture for go into the wild safely, such as Shiretoko cape and Mountains and Sea.
  • Please visit here before you leave for Shiretoko cape trekking, You need to know correct info and local rules for walk safely.
  • Entrance fee / free
  • Day off / Every Tuesday (Closed from November to April)

TEL:0153-89-2722 (Rusa Field House)

Rausu Municipal Museum
  • Rausu has interesting history. You will see cultural and important artifact.
  • Opening hour / 9:00 to 17:00
  • Day off / Every weekend, New year holidays (No day off from July to September)

TEL:0153-88-3850 (Rausu Municipal Museum)

Blakiston’s fish owl observatory
  • You can observe wild Blakiston’s fish owl in high rate.probability.
  • Observant fee / 3,000 yen per night ※reservation needed

TEL:0153-87-2877(Washi no yado)

Rausu port
  • This is the center and main port in Rausu.
  • You can get in most of cruising ship from this port.
  • There is tours of fish market and fish auction, you can see many kind of fish which just taken from the sea.
  • Rausu port is used as a place for events and festival.

TEL:0153-87-3360 (Rausu Rausu Tourism Association)

Wall art at Rausu elementary school
  • This wall art has drawn by artist Toshitaka Sekiya who loves Rausu town and drawing for a long time.
  • There is some his work in Rausu town.

TEL:0153-87-2126 (Rausu town hall industry division)